Relay Testing Services-EM Relays, Cable assemblies, Hi-pot cable testing

Relay Testing Services:

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Device Qualification

  • Assure the relay meets your specific quality and reliability needs
  • Compare suppliers in your application and pick the best
    Life Testing

Life Testing

  • Full service life testing targeted to your application
  • Weibull analysis to statistically assess the life in your application
  • Wide range of loads - from low level DC resistive loads to high current AC loads

Parametric Testing

  • Full range parametric testing - either sample testing or 100% inspection
  • RTS unique Twist and RDEL tests provide powerful tools for improved long-term reliability


RF Characterization

  • Provide TDR measurements to assure proper impedance matching
  • Measure insertion loss, return loss and isolation for your relay
  • RTS has experience in setting up the proper RF test for your relays


Specialized Testing for Aerospace/Military Applications

  • Vibration/shock testing
  • Thermal shock
  • Leak Testing
  • Thermal cycle
  • Altitude

Problem Solving

  • Application problem - we can help select a better relay
  • Incoming Quality - analyze failures and provide proper testing to resolve
  • Reliability - analyze failures