Relay Testing Services-EM Relays, Cable assemblies, Hi-pot cable testing

Relay Testing Services:

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About Relay Testing Services, LLC

Our mission is to assist clients to improve the quality and reliability of their relay devices. Through proper application, qualification testing, and on-going production testing, the client will see increased product reliability, overall lower product rejection cost and increased profitability.

Our customers include manufacturers of ATE, telecommunications systems, aerospace and relay manufacturers. Our reputation and knowledge of relays and relay testing is widely known. In addition to on-time delivery of tested products, we can provide detailed data regarding failure rates, test specifications, and other reliability and quality considerations. RTS can offer consulting for improvements to the overall quality process for either the supplier or the user, to include tracking and managing failure analysis to root cause, evaluating and improving in-house quality processes, supplier management and analysis of both production and field metrics. Whether in engineering qualification or incoming inspection, RTS offers the experience, rapid turn-around, competitive pricing, and proven results demanded by the electronic equipment industry.

RTS has been providing support to the relay industry for over 30 years. Our innovative techniques for predicting the life of relays in the field are unique in the industry. No one else offers the overall support that ranges from relay selection assistance, qualification testing, production testing and quality process consulting. Our goal is to enable the relay user to sleep better at night knowing we are on the job with constant vigilance to assure their relays meet the requirements for their application.