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Relay Test System

RTS-201 Test System

The RTS-201 is a proprietary test system developed by RTS for performing functional tests on most relay types. A choice of operating features allows the system to be used for a variety of applications, including final testing, quality control, evaluation and inspection. The system was designed to provide the correct measured value in the shortest time. Contact resistance measurements are made in less than three milliseconds. Fast contact time measurements can be simultaneously performed for as many as eight contacts during a single coil transition. The system can also perform high voltage measurements to 1500 VDC and 1200 Vrms for breakdown and insulation resistance measurements.

Errors caused by connection leads are eliminated by four-wire Kelvin connections to all relay coil and contact pins. Stable low-noise circuits and filtering provide excellent repeatability for critical measurements. Contact resistance measurements cancel errors caused by noise and system offset voltages so that a maximum measurement resolution of 0.005 milliohms can be achieved. Contact time measurements are performed with 1 microsecond resolution. To eliminate the effects of long-term component drift, the RTS-201 includes an autocalibration capability which corrects measurements for effects of system offset voltages and currents. The system is also calibrated annually and the calibration is traceable to the National Bureau of Standards to assure the absolute accuracy of all measurements.