Relay Testing Services-EM Relays, Cable assemblies, Hi-pot cable testing

Relay Testing Services:

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RTS Services

RTS can provide an array of testing for electromechanical relays. RTS has over 30 years experience in testing EM relays, and is recognized as a leader with a proven track record for solving your relay reliability problems. RTS uses parametric and life testing for EM relays to find a relationship between quality and reliability for a specific user application. Once this relationship is established, 100% inspection against meaningful test limits can be very effective in screening out relays that are most likely to fail prematurely. RTS uses statistical methods for life predictions using Reliasoft’sWeibull++ for reliability modeling.

A. Evaluation and Go/No-Go Testing
  o Preparing test program
  o Fixturing as required
  o Testing and classification
  o Recording and analyzing parameter distribution data
  o Setting go/no-go limits and test failure categories
  o Analyzing data and preparing report on results of testing

B. Life Testing
  o Selection of life test samples using evaluation data
  o Testing and datalogging samples at intervals during and
   after life test
 o Provide statistical analysis of results using Weibull distribution techniques
  o Analyzing data and preparing detailed report on results of
   life testing

C. Qualification
  o Obtain and compare quality and reliability data on relay
   samples from potential vendors
  o Recommend qualified vendors based on test data
  o Provide baseline data for selecting vendors
  o Review and analyze supplier quality systems and processes
   to assure consistent high quality components
  o Ensure application is correct

D. Analysis of Field Failures
  o Collect data on field returns
  o Categorize failure modes
  o Make recommendations for future improvements
  o Track root-cause failure analysis and manage improvements
    with suppliers

E. Specialized Testing
  o RF testing: determine insertion loss, return loss, and isolation for your relays
  o Aerospace/Military: vib/shock testing, thermal shock, leak testing, thermal cycle, altitude