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Relay Testing Services:

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EM Relays

RTS has provided support to the relay industry for over 30 years by providing qualification testing, production testing, and general assistance with your relay applications.

RTS specializes in solving your relay problems. The experience and expertise of RTS will help you reduce the number of failures and allow you to produce products with greater reliability, while ensuring that your vendors are shipping you good parts.

Having trouble choosing the right relay for your application?

Having relay quality or relay reliability problems?

Like to improve the relay quality or relay reliability of your current products?

Like to reduce the overall cost of relay usage?

RTS can assist clients to establish and improve their quality standards and procedures for development and qualification practices, the manufacturing processes and the overall quality metrics such that the client experiences increased product reliability, overall lower product rejection costs and increased profitability. RTS can help you manage your relay suppliers through ongoing monitoring of the product's key parametric statistics. RTS can work with relay suppliers on continuous supplier improvements by driving the FACA (Failure Analysis Corrective Action) process for both production and field failures. RTS can work with the relay manufacturers and relay users to assure their quality processes will provide competitive and continuously improving results.

RTS uses parametric and life testing data to find a relationship between quality and reliability for specific user applications. Once this relationship is established, 100% inspection against meaningful test limits can be very effective in screening out the relays that are most likely to fail. RTS has published numerous papers on special tests such as RDEL and Twist that can significantly improve your field reliability.

  • 30 years experience with extensive historical data base
  • Proven track record with major companies
  • Test application geared to your specific needs
  • Independent relay testing lab for evaluations and ongoing production monitoring
  • Extensive data base that can be used as reference for incoming lot-to-lot quality and
    statistical process control
  • Extensive experience with manufacturing quality systems and process